April 24, 2012


Your hair is like golden sunshine
Surrounding your angelic face.

Your skin so soft and tender
Like dew on the morning grass.

Your voice -- so full of life and love.
I would rather hear your voice than
The songs of birds.

Your eyes are so loving
When they gaze at me,
Like the eyes of a fawn
Looking at it's mother.

Your touch -- so gentle -- so loving.
I can sit for hours feeling you near.

Your heart is strong and
Has a huge capacity for love.

Your love is so large and total.
It is forthcoming from your heart.

Your body -- so womanly, yet soft,
So gentle and playful.

Your soul longs to be at peace
And seems to be so around me.

You bring peace to my soul like no one
Ever has before.
I can never be truly alone
When you are near
I can never be sad for long
In your presence.

Like walking outside at sunrise
On a cool spring day
Breathe in the cool, clean air
And listen at the birds
Call one another.
This and the sound of your own
Heartbeat is all you hear
Peace, eternal peace reigns.
This is the effect you have on me.

These things are how I know you are
Meant for me. The waiting is so hard
And so tormentng that I can
Hardly bear it.

But it is worth it to have the
Honor of loving

Greg Kidwell

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