April 25, 2012

Living on Love

My night's are so long and lonely
When off to work you must go,
I found out you can't live on love
A very long, long time ago

But just think hon if we could
We would be together like we should
Oh what a blessing that would be
For then you would always' be here with me

We have enough love between the two of us
To never want for anything but more time a must
Our love is strong enough to weather any storm
But every night I just sit home an mourn

We could go to the mountain's and watch the moon
I could passionately kiss you and hear you moan
We could count the heavenly star's an look to Venus
Wish on a falling star and just be in love the two of us

We could frolic and play without even a care
And always know the other would be there
But to live in these time's takes every dime
So I'll sit here an dream of loves life time

Together without bill's payments and strife
Wait until four, when you come through our door
Then I'll be happy again until tomorrow night
When you leave again clear out of my eyes sight

Passionately kissing you bye till morning light
When we can be together with our love in sight

Margaret L. Schoolcraft Gray

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