April 26, 2012

It’s All Because Of You

It’s all because of you

I see the courage on

how to be strong as a person

I couldn’t imagine what life

can be without you

Let me love you with

all of my heart and I will

never quit in loving you

I’ll share my success and my loneliness with you

Let your heart love me and find me

Just hold on to our promises

that we will never leave each other

I’ll always stay strong as

you are the source of my energy

In my days when I sleep and

when I wake up your image is within me

You’re the air that I breathe,

and the blood that pumps on my heart is you

Every pain that I feel inside my heart

it’s all because I still love you so

No matter how far we are love

trust is always there

Your being loyal to our relationship is my treasure

I will not find someone

who is more precious as you are

As I am contended with all of you

and what you really is

My love will never fade

as I know you treasure me the most

Keep believing that

we are destined to love each other.

Reynald Logan

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