April 23, 2012

Die Without You

Baby, you’ve given me all that I have
You’ve been there for me through good times and bad
If you ever left me, I don’t know what I’d do
Cuz baby, it’s true, I’d die without you

You’re the closest friend that I’ve ever had
You’re here to comfort me when I’m sad
Your faith in me pulls me through
You make me do things I never thought I’d do

I love how you’re there to love and to hold me
I love how you make me feel like I can be what I want to be
I know our love for each other is so true
And I know that you’d die without me too

I hope you never leave me; I'll never leave you
I know I’d never make it; I’d die without you
Our love can make it through any kind of fight
Our love will survive and make it through the night

I would give up my all just to show my love is true
To make you see that I’d die without you
I know you feel the same way I do
No need to say it, you’d die without me too

I wish that we could just stay here forever
Stay without worries, just you and me together
Prove people wrong and show our love will last
Everything’s going so right, so fast

It seems like only yesterday when I met you
The look in your eyes said you noticed me too
The sweet things you say and the way your eyes shine
Make me so happy and proud to call you mine

I’m all yours baby, and you’re all mine
I wish I could be with you all the time
No matter what happens, or if we’re taken apart
You will always be inside my heart

Every night I go and pray for you
I’m sure you go and pray for me too
God bless our love, and let it stay true
God, above all, knows I’d die without you

Lillian Figueroa

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