February 27, 2012

A Mask Of Beauty

A sheer smile skips those lips
How I want to hold your dearest mask
To think I am ashamed of thou beauty
Merely of adoration of each sensual amnesty
How fawn I am of your mask
To hide behind your beauty
I am the limp of a child that wonders with a thought
I put my hand on thee
And these hands want to know more
To close my eyes and dew soaks the stars
They shine no more
There beauty is diminished
I shall hide behind this mask as well
You will never be alone
Beauty has the eye of the beholder
Hold me dear love
And we shall look upon thy pupils
And we will make a stream of kisses
To beauty of wilderness we will create our own
To a world that is beauty
To a mask that shades underneath
A more over victory of passion over lust
A passion of beauty oh how I can taste it
Please fade with me from this world
And beauty will prevail
Through all the toils and snares
How I love you dearly
How my beauty shines for you
A red carpet for you to walk on
To follow
A love..
A beauty….
A dream….
Amberlee Spurling

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