February 29, 2012


Some flowers bloom in fall you know,
At summers end their blossoms show
And as the rose’s beauty falls
The dream of love will haunt us all.
Jewelry, like a portraits frame
Enhances beauty just the same.
A work of art is best by far
That tells the viewer who they are
But just as what I say is true,
A frame cannot change the view.
It cannot show a beauty fair
Where beauty first, was never there.
It cannot change a scowling face
To one that’s fair and full of grace.
It cannot fix a heart that’s blue
Or make a heart forever true.
Their is that beauty of a kind
That knows no boundaries of time
The shining of a soul inside
That none can ever hope to hide.
What ever shall I say to thee
That touches love’s sweet rhapsody
To embrace with time and heart
A truly lovely peace of art.
There is that loyalty of spirit
That one feels whenever near it
That so enthralls the heart of man
And searches then to understand
There is more to life then beauty,
Their is honor, love and duty
As in the heart that it entails,
Beauty wears so many vales.
Robert Browne

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