February 27, 2012

Beautiful Memory

Today will be the past; come tomorrow
Why nothing or no one is above you
Today I will buy, steal, or borrow
So that the past reveals that I love you

I will yearn tomorrow for another today
Anything to strengthen our unity
The past is the map guiding the way
Every new day brings new opportunity

I will awaken knowing my primary goal
Accomplish something big or small
Fresh or increase something old
Deeds that will heighten our castle wall

I shall conduct myself in ways more than suitable
My gifts to the past will make memories beautiful

Tomorrow will deliver more affection and chivalry
I must today, make yesterday a beautiful memory

Yesterday will be the proof I was there
With facts that no one tried more
Applying layers of unwavering care
Flooding you with joy at the final score

It's ignited a passion that I have to vent
To stray from you; I cannot swallow
Necessary and a time well spent
Today will be the past; come tomorrow

Ron Harrell

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