March 27, 2012


One year has passed
I haven't talked with you since then
You're already at peace with the world
and here I am still struggling for life.

I am missing you
The voice, the care, the love
Where else could I find them
but only in you.

Memories about you are all I have
They make me cry and yearn for you
all the time of my waking life
Even in sleep I dreamed about you.

Sometimes I wish that I should not have been
what I was when we were still together
For I want that our love is forever
It could have been, that's all I could sigh for

Sometimes I wish that you could feel
The beatings of my heart even before I let you you know
You could hear what I think even if you don't hear me
You could dry the tears in my eyes even though you don't see me.

Life's indeed too short
for us to love eternally
But I do believe in forever
That was what you told me...


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