February 13, 2012

Gerund, Participle or Infinitive?


Copy & Answer this in a size 1 paper. Then I will check it afterwards.

1) Facing college standards, the students realized that they hadn't worked hard enough in high school.
2) Swimming in your pool is always fun.
3) The college recommends sending applications early.
4) Mrs. Sears showing more bravery than wisdom invited thirty boys and girls to a party.
5) To be great is to be true to yourself and to the highest principles of honor.
6) He won the game by scoring during the overtime period.
7) Jim is expected to program computers at his new job.
8) Her most important achievement was winning the national championship.
9) Going to work today took all my energy.
10) The student left in charge of the class was unable to keep order.
11) The president wants to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.
12) Fighting for a losing cause made them depressed.
13) Getting up at five, we got an early start.
14) Telling your father was a mistake.
15) The crying boy angered by the bully began to fight.
16) Applicants must investigate various colleges learning as much as possible about them before applying for admission.
17) Statistics reported by the National Education Association revealed that seventy percent of American colleges offer remedial English classes emphasizing composition.
18) Gathering my courage, I asked for a temporary loan.
19) Starting out as an army officer Karen's father was frequently transferred.
20) To fight against those odds would be ridiculous.

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